Warmly celebrate our company to obtain the practical new patent certificate!

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Chuzhou Zhongxin photoelectric technology co., LTD Chuzhou Zhongxing Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is University of science and technology of China, the micro scale national physical laboratory; commitment to the system to resolve the optoelectr...


Add: Chuzhou City Garden Road No. 82
Tel: 0550-3017879
Fax: 0550-3017879
Hand machine: 15555018666

Contact: Mr.Xu

The mailbox:  [email protected]

Postal Code: 239000

Customer service
Respect for customers, understanding customers, create value for customers, is our principle of service, dedication, diligence for customers to exclude the difficulty and anxiety is our service concept. We use " Heart " To commun...
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